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Lawrence C. Weaver Transformative Community Service Award 

The Lawrence C. Weaver Transformative Community Service Award is presented annually to one college or school of pharmacy demonstrating a major institutional commitment to addressing unmet community needs through education, practice and research. This commitment should be demonstrated through the development of exceptional programs that go well beyond the traditional service role of academic pharmacy. The award highlights community service as an important element of the academic mission, and singles out institutions that can serve as examples of social responsiveness on the part of the academic pharmacy community. This award aligns with ACPE standards and the CAPE educational outcomes. It is totally independent of the type of college/school submitting the application: public, private, small, or large. It demonstrates commitment to a community achieving transformative community service rather than any preconceived status.

The award selection committee is especially interested in programs that are directly linked to the institution’s research endeavor (e.g., community engaged participatory research) and to the education (didactic experiential) of student pharmacists, residents and other postgraduate trainees. The relationship of programs to the Healthy People 2020 goals and the 2013 AACP CAPE Educational Outcomes should also be emphasized.

The award consists of a commemorative sculpture honoring the institution’s extraordinary social commitment and a $5,000 honorarium provided to the recognized institution to distribute to community partners to support continuation or expansion of their collaboration.

Submit your college or school's award applications—online in PDF format—by Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Please contact Melinda D. Colón, director of governance programs and meetings, with any questions.

2017-2018 AACP Lawrence C. Weaver Transformative Community Service Award Recognizing a College or School of Pharmacy  - Award information and application instructions.


Past Award Recipients

2017 - The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy
Dean: Henry J. Mann, Pharm.D.

2016 - The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy
Interim Dean: John E. Murphy, Pharm.D.

2015 - Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy
AACP Recognizes VCU School of Pharmacy for Transformative Community Service
Dean: Joseph T. DiPiro, Pharm.D.

2014 - The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy
The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy Honored for Transformative Community Service
Dean: JoLaine R. Draugalis, Ph.D. 

2013 - University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy
Bringing HOPE to Local and Global Communities - press release
Dean: Marilyn K. Speedie, Ph.D.

2012 - The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy
"Transformation through Service" - press release
Dean: Barbara G. Wells, Pharm.D.

2011 - University of Washington School of Pharmacy
Bridges to Health Patient Advocacy Center and Northwest Alaska Pharmacogenomics Research Network - press release
Associate Dean: Nanci L. Murphy, Pharm.D.

2010 - University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy
Engagement within Cities and Regions to Improve Public Health - press release
Dean: Robert W. Piepho, Ph.D.

2009 - University of Southern California School of Pharmacy
Community Pharmacy Group - news article
Dean: R. Pete Vanderveen, Ph.D.

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