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AACP Walmart Scholars Program 



AACP and Walmart share the commitment to help colleges and schools of pharmacy ensure there is an adequate number of well-prepared individuals who aspire to join the faculties at our expanding number of institutions across the country. The goal of the scholarship program is to strengthen the recipient’s skills and commitment to a career in academic pharmacy through their participation at the AACP Annual Meeting.

In 2016, AACP celebrated the twelfth year of the Walmart Scholarship Fund. The program, funded by Walmart, provided $1,000 scholarships to 85 student-faculty pairs from AACP member institutions to attend two AACP seminars in Anaheim, California. The scholarship covered 100% of the student’s cost to register for the 2016 AACP Annual Meeting and Teachers Seminar. Beyond registration costs, the recipient pair should apply the remainder of the scholarship money to airfare, lodging and other meeting expenses for the student.

Graduate students, professional (doctoral) students, residents and fellows, along with their faculty mentors, are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Please note that some preference is given to residents, fellows, and final year students. Students early in their pharmacy careers should not be discouraged from applying, as a small number of outstanding first and second year students are selected each year. Additionally, an attempt is made to balance the number of award recipients per institution as much as possible. Previous AACP Walmart Scholarship recipients are ineligible.

Letters from both the student and the faculty member are required to demonstrate both parties have a strong interest in enhancing their preparation for a career in academic pharmacy, as well as an essay from the student on academic pharmacy. Applications for the program are due in February of each year, pending program sponsorship.

The 2017 AACP Walmart Scholars Program will provide $1,000 scholarships to up to 85 student-faculty pairs to attend the 2017 AACP Annual Meeting and Teachers Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee from July 15-19.

Click here to access the 2017 Walmart Scholars Program Information and Application Instructions.

Click here to apply to be a 2017 Walmart Scholar.  

The deadline to apply is February 13, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Please send questions to walmartscholars@aacp.org.


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2016 AACP Walmart Scholars Program Recipients


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