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Academic Leadership Fellows Program 

The AACP Academic Leadership Fellows Program was developed in response to the stated needs of our members. Academic pharmacy has been fortunate in that leaders have risen from our colleges and schools throughout our history to address and solve the many challenges facing academic pharmacy. The program is designed to develop the nation’s most promising pharmacy faculty for roles as future leaders in academic pharmacy and higher education. Fellows commence their leadership path with a new understanding of personal potential, talent and leadership strengths along with skills and management tools to more successfully engage in their responsibilities and step up to challenges.

The Academic Leadership Fellows Program (ALFP) is a year-long experience with four intensive sessions in residence spread throughout the year. This experience is supported by an ongoing informal program of mentoring and introduction to leadership roles at the home institution. The four-session program includes in-depth leadership development; team building; exploration of legislative and public policy issues critical to pharmaceutical and higher education; and self and peer assessments. In addition to the four sessions in residence, Fellows participate in a collaborative group project. The program overall covers personal and interpersonal competencies for leadership; practical management responsibilities and administrative competencies of an academic pharmacy administrator; and leadership in the external arena of advocacy and the profession. Fellows convene in September for the first session at a conference facility located near the Washington, D.C. metro area. The second session is also held in the Washington, D.C. metro area in late fall. Session three is conducted in conjunction with the AACP Interim Meeting (February/March). Fellows attend session four in conjunction and as active participants in the AACP Annual Meeting (July). They end their Fellows year with a special commencement celebration. The Interim and Annual Meeting registration fees are included in the Fellows tuition cost.

Deans who nominate a member of their faculty to participate in the AACP Academic Leadership Fellows Program take an important step in developing a promising leader who will be prepared to make significant contributions to academic pharmacy, their home institution, and the Fellows career. Nominating deans invest both financial and personnel resources in the program. The Dean makes a personal commitment to ensure the program is successful for the nominee by serving as and/or designating a mentor for the Fellow. The mentor assists her/him in discovering and developing individual leadership/management potential and a perspective of academic leadership at the college/campus level. The financial obligation to the institution includes program tuition of $9,950 (which includes Interim and Annual Meeting registration fees) due at the time of acceptance as well as support for the Fellow's travel, lodging and meals (estimated at $5,000-$7,000 over the year).

The sponsoring institution gains enhanced visibility both on campus and nationally. The Fellows Program provides opportunities for building and strengthening alliances with the parent institution, other pharmacy colleges and schools, and local communities, businesses and healthcare industry leaders.

Application Information for 2015-16 Cohort

2015-16 Information and Program Requirements

2015-16 Application Instructions

Application Deadline: March 15 at 5:00 p.m. ET


What is Included in the Program?

Session I

  • Curriculum and Speakers
  • Leadership Texts
  • Subscription to Harvard Business Review
  • Challenge Discovery
  • Gallup Strength Finders

 Session II

  • Curriculum and Speakers
  • Leadership Texts

 Session III

  • Curriculum and Speakers
  • Leadership Texts
  • Interim Meeting Registration Fee

 Session IV

  • Annual Meeting Registration Fee
  • Fellows Commencement Dinner

2015-2016 ALFP Calendar

  • Dean Mentor Orientation Session at the July 11-15, 2015, AACP Annual Meeting, National Harbor, Maryland (Washington, DC area)
  • Session I: September 14-18, 2015, Warrenton, VA
  • Session II: November 7-11, 2015, Alexandria, VA
  • Session III: February 20-23, 2016, Coinciding with AACP Interim Meeting, Tampa, FL
  • Session IV: July 23-27, 2016, Concurrent with AACP Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA

Congratulations to the impressive performance at the 2015 Interim Meeting by the ALFP Cohort 11 Debate Team Members!

The Teams and their topics consisted of:

Team 1: Academic freedom should be redefined

Renee Acosta

Eunice Chung

Arthur Cox

George Garcia

Jamie Klucken

Tonja Woods

Leadership Facilitator: Marie Chisholm-Burns


Team 2: Tenure is outdated

Scott Asbill

Aisha Morris Moultry

Anne Policastri

Lisa Smith

Carrie Sincak

Timothy Ulbrich

Leadership Facilitator: Arcelia Johnson-Fannin


Team 3: There is a difference between how different generations approach work and the needs of an institution

Abeer Al-Ghananeem

Kathleen Besinque

Kim Benner

Surajit Dey

Kristen Goliak

Kent Stoneking

Leadership Facilitator: Bernard Graham


Team 4: Professional dress should be required in didactic curriculum

Lauren Angelo

Lea Bonner

Conrad Dhing

Joel Farley

Cynthia Naughton

Teresa Schweiger

Leadership Facilitator: Craig Svensson


Team 5: Servant leadership vs. transformational leadership in academic pharmacy

George Allen

Mark Moore

Lynette Moser

Kathryn Neill

Usha Sambamoorthi

Leadership Facilitator: Hershey Bell

 Contact Information

John C. Ressler, Ed.D.
Director of Academic Programs and Professional Development
703-739-2330 ext. 1031

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