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Academic Pharmacy Now 

Academic Pharmacy Now is the Association's online news magazine which highlights current issues and events in academic pharmacy. To purchase a print version of the magazine, visit Shop AACP

2015 Magazines

2015 Issue 3

2015 Issue 2

2015 Issue 1

2014 Magazines

2014 Issue 3

2014 Issue 2

2014 Issue 1

2013 Magazines

Fall Winter 2013

Summer 2013

Spring 2013

Winter 2013

2012 Magazines

Retooling the Research Pipeline: How can we turn up the flow of faculty investigators and innovations? - Fall 2012 Edition (pdf version)

Facilities Get a Facelift: Find out how five pharmacy institutions freshened up their campuses and strengthened education. - Summer 2012 Edition (pdf version)

Make Some Noise! After another year of extraordinary accomplishments, faculty had plenty to cheer about in celebrating American Pharmacy Educator Week. - Jan/Feb/Mar 2012 Edition (pdf version)


2011 Magazines

Bridging the Gap: Academic Pharmacy, IHS and Tribes Partner to Fight Health Disparities -
Oct/Nov/Dec 2011 Edition (pdf version)

Elections, Membership and Awards - Special Edition 2011 (pdf version)

Creating the Evidence: What Works in Healthcare - Jul/Aug/Sept 2011 Edition (pdf version)

Building Future Leaders through Residency Training - Apr/May/June 2011 Edition (pdf version)

America Celebrates its Pharmacy Educators - Jan/Feb/Mar 2011 Edition (pdf version)


2010 Magazines

Addressing the Needs of Patients Through Medication Therapy Management - Oct/Nov/Dec 2010 Edition
(pdf version)

Elections, Membership and Awards - Special Edition 2010 (pdf version)

There's No Place Like the Medical Home - Jul/Aug/Sept 2010 Edition (pdf version)

Learning Enhanced by Simulation - Apr/May/June 2010 Edition (pdf version)

Unlocking the Future: Creating Excitement in Pharmacy Careers - Jan/Feb/Mar 2010 Edition (pdf version)


2009 Magazines

The Science of Safety: Academy Keeps Patients Safe - Oct/Nov/Dec 2009 Edition (pdf version)

Elections, Awards and Membership - Special Edition 2009 (pdf version)

Pharmacy Education Creates Its Own Stimulus Package - July/Aug/Sept 2009 Edition (pdf version)

Academic Pharmacy Goes Green - Apr/May/June 2009 Edition (pdf version)

Record-Setting Flu Fighters - Jan/Feb/Mar 2009 Edition (pdf version)

2008 Magazines

Shaping the Future of the Academy: Faculty Recruitment, Retention and Renewal - Oct/Nov/Dec 2008 Edition

AACP Awards and Elections - Special Edition

Empowering Patients through Medication Therapy Management - July/Aug/Sept 2008 Edition

Making a World of Difference - May/June 2008 Edition

CERTifying Excellence: Creating pharmacists for a diverse population - Mar/April 2008 Edition

Preparing the next generation to Discover, Learn, Care and Improve Health - Jan/Feb 2008 Edition

School News Submissions

We are making some exciting changes to AACP’s quarterly magazine, Academic Pharmacy Now, in 2015. In order to  make your faculty announcements more timely and valuable to our readers, the Faculty News section will be published online, starting in early February. Any news submitted between now and January 31 will be posted the first week of February. Going forward, news collected between the first and last day of the month will be published at the beginning of the following month. Deadline for all submissions are the following:

Jan. 31 Published by Feb. 6
Feb 28 Published by March 6
Mar 31 Published by April 10
April 30 Published by May 8
May 31 Published by June 5
June 30 Published by July 10
July 31 Published by Aug. 7
Aug. 31 Published by Sept. 4
Sept. 30 Published by Oct. 9
Oct. 31 Published by Nov. 6
Nov. 30 Published by Dec. 4
Dec. 31 Published by Jan. 8

School News Submission Form - This interactive form allows colleges and schools of pharmacy to submit Faculty News for inclusion in Academic Pharmacy Now. Faculty News lists new appointments, promotions, extramural grants, in memoriam and retirements. All Faculty News must be submitted through this form.

To submit information for School News Briefs, use the Opportunity field of the form. For questions, call or e-mail Maureen Thielemans, 703-739-2330 ext. 1022. 


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