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Framing an Advocacy Case Study

Framing an Advocacy Case Study  

Case studies form the basis of a resource for AACP members interested in undertaking similar advocacy activities or benefitting from the insight and approaches described in each of these cases in the development of new activities. AACP members are encouraged to provide their own case-studies so that others can appreciate the breadth of the academy’s advocacy as well as learn from them how they might become active advocates.

The most effective way to frame an advocacy case study is to provide an example of an advocacy activity in which you were or had been personally engaged and follow this framework to build your own case study:

  1. Select and identify one issue that recognizes academic pharmacy as a resource for evidence-based policy development, implementation or evaluation;
  2. Clearly state what that issue is in the context of an existing public policy and the opportunity for advancing your advocacy;
  3. Describe how you contacted the appropriate community-based partner to discuss their understanding of the issue;
  4. Describe the evidence required by the community-based partner to support and actively engage in the issue;
  5. Describe the outcome of your active advocacy. How long did it take you to get to the outcome?; and, if possible,
  6. Describe and assess how current AACP resources (educational policy statement, committee reports, faculty research, etc.) supported your advocacy effort. What additional information would be helpful to strengthen your advocacy on this issue?

Case studies from AACP members are reviewed and posted on the AACP Web site on a rolling basis throughout the year. We welcome your submissions! Please send them in accordance with the framework above to Will Lang.

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