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Rufus A. Lyman Award 

The Rufus A. Lyman Award is presented annually to the author(s) of the best paper, which appears in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.

Criteria for Selection

  • Papers to be considered for the Lyman Award will include those manuscripts representing original research and/or other scholarly work which have been published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. Addresses of Association officers, editorials, reports or papers commissioned by AACP will not be considered. Papers that have been previously published or published in substantially the same form before are not eligible for the award.
  • Manuscripts will be judged by the following criteria:
    a. Utility and significance to pharmacy education
    b. Originality
    c. Research Methodology
    d. Writing Style

Method of Selection

  • Nominations for the Lyman Award may come from two sources: a) the chair of each Academic Section, who may nominate no more than five manuscripts following consultation with the Administrative Board of that Section; and b) members of the Lyman Award Committee.
  • The Lyman Award Committee is composed of four members: the editor of AJPE and three members appointed by the president. The editor will serve as chairman of the committee. An alternate will also be appointed each year in the event a member’s paper is under consideration.
  • At the conclusion of the evaluation process, the Lyman Award Committee will recommend, in rank order, three papers to the AACP Board of Directors for the award. The committee may recommend that the award not be presented in any given year.


The award shall consist of a monetary prize of $5,000 and an appropriately inscribed certificate. If the paper selected is authored by more than one person, the $5,000 shall be divided equally and each author shall receive a certificate. They will also be honored during the 2015 Annual Meeting in National Harbor, Maryland (Washington, D.C. area).

AACP will begin accepting recommendations from the beginning of October through the end of December for the Rufus A. Lyman Award.

Past Award Recipients


Winning Article: "Development and Validation of the Student Perceptions of Physician-Pharmacist Interprofessional Clinical Education (SPICE) Instrument"
Authors: David S. Fike, Ph.D., Joseph A. Zorek, Pharm.D., Anitra A. MacLaughlin, Pharm.D., Mohammed Samiuddin, M.D., Rodney B. Young, M.D., and Eric J. MacLaughlin, Pharm.D.
Institutions: University of the Incarnate Word, University of Wisconsin-Madison, & Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


Winning Article: "An Introductory Interprofessional Exercise for Healthcare Students” 
 Celia P. MacDonnell, Pharm.D., Saumitra V. Rege, M.S., Kara Misto, Ph.D. Candidate, Richard Dollase, Ed.D., and Paul George, M.D.
University of Rhode Island and Brown University


Winning Article: "Cross-Validation of an Instrument for Measuring Professionalism Behaviors
Authors: Katherine A. Kelley, Ph.D., Luke D. Stanke, B.S., Suzanne M. Rabi, Pharm.D., Sarah E. Kuba, Ph.D., and Kristin K. Janke, Ph.D.
Institution: The Ohio State University


Winning Article: "Nine Constructs of Cultural Competence for Curriculum Development"
Authors: Margarita Echeverri, Ph.D., B. Cecile Brookover, Ph.D., and Kathleen B. Kennedy, Pharm.D.
Institution: Xavier University of Louisiana


Winning Article: “An Enhanced Community Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Model to Improve Patient Care”
Authors: Rosemin Kassam, B.Sc. Pharm, Pharm.D., and Mona Kwong, B.Sc. Pharm, M.Sc.
Institution: The University of British Columbia


Winning Article: “The Economic Impact of a College of Pharmacy”
Authors: Dick R. Gourley, Shelley I. White-Means, Jeff Wallace
Institution: The University of Tennessee and University of Memphis

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