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AACP Catalyst 

This year-long professional development program is designed to take mid-career researchers to the next level in their research and leadership potential. Through in-person sessions, webinars and individualized guidance throughout the year, participants will build networks, identify new opportunities and develop tools and skills necessary to become the next change agents at their institution. To read more about the individual and institutional benefits of participating in the program, please see the AACP Catalyst flyer.

Application Information

Applications may be submitted online and will be accepted until 11:59 EDT on May 1, 2017.

For more information on application requirements, please see the AACP Catalyst Application Instructions.

Who Participates in AACP Catalyst

  1. Catalysts are individuals accepted into the program. Whether it is establishing a new research collaboration or identifying solutions to common challenges, Catalysts learn from each other and expand their research and leadership capacity through peer-to-peer mentoring. Read more about aims and activities of Catalysts in the Catalyst Role Description.
  2. Catalysts are paired with Research Facilitators, who are established research leaders selected by AACP to participate in all meetings and foster the personal and professional development of the Catalysts. Read more about the role and responsibilities of Research Facilitators in the Research Facilitator Role Description.
  3. Catalysts also receives coaching from Research Mentors, senior research administrators at the home institution who help each Catalyst identify and engage in activities at the institution to advance his or her research and leadership skills. Read more about the role and responsibilities of Research Mentors in the Research Mentor Role Description.

2017-2018 Program Dates and Locations

Session I: September 25-27, 2017, Alexandria, VA (Washington, D.C. area)

Session II: February 23-24, 2018, Long Beach, CA (in conjunction with the 2018 AACP INterim Meeting)

Session III: April 11-13, 2018, Rockville, MD (Washington, D.C. area)

Webinars: In addition to in-person meetings, Catalysts participate in webinars throughout the year to meet with agents from federal funding agencies. The webinars are designed to provide Catalysts with a candid view of current and future funding priorities from inside these agencies and are an opportunity to learn practical tips for research funding success.

Tuition and Fees

$7,500 for members of AACP, HOPA or CPNP

$7,695 for applicants who are not members of AACP, HOPA or CPNP

Tuition includes registration for the AACP INterim Meeting and a discount on the AACP Annual Meeting. The nominator is responsible for related travel expenses covering transportation, lodging and some meals associated with participation in the program.

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 Contact Information

Kirsten F. Block, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Research and Graduate Programs
703-739-2330 ext. 1042

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