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Education Scholar 

Teaching Excellence and Scholarship Development Resources for Health Professions Educators

Are your teaching skills keeping pace with today’s expectations for health professions educators?

Designed for the busy professional, the Education Scholar program offers a comprehensive online curriculum that will expand your knowledge and skills as a health professions instructor. Module concepts are presented through a combination of on-screen text, images and audio clips. Examples, case studies and demonstrations from the health professions are included to illustrate key points.

Module 1: Developing a Personal Working Philosophy to Guide Teaching/Learning in Health Professions Education

Module 2: Designing and Facilitating Learning for Health Professions

Module 3: Active Learning: Ways to Engage Students and Improve Learning Outcomes

Module 4A: Distance Learning

Module 4B: Case-based and Team-based Learning

Module 4C: Learning in the Experiential Setting

Module 5: Assessment of Instructional Effectiveness

Module 6: Promoting Teaching/Learning Excellence in Your Institution

First Year
Registration Fee 

Annual Renewal

All 8 Modules $500  $50 
Module 1 $50 $10
Module 2  $100 $10
Module 3 $100 $10
Module 4A $100 $10
Module 4B $50 $10
Module 4C $50 $10
Module 5 $100 $10
Module 6 $50 $10

Academic departments, professional groups, and staff development programs may wish to consider purchasing a site license for the Education Scholar Program. The site license provides unlimited access to all faculty within the department or program for one full year.

To register for this program, visit the Shop AACP section under News and Publications. For more information about the program and modules visit the Education Scholar Web site. If you would like to inquire about purchasing a Site License or renewal, please contact Nancy Nguyen.

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Cecilia M. Plaza, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Senior Director of Academic Affairs
703-739-2330 ext. 1018

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