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Celebrate Academic Pharmacy 

Celebrate Academic Pharmacy – Program Overview

A modification of AACP’s American Pharmacy Educator Week (APEW) will be implemented beginning this fall. Moving to a year-round program called Celebrate Academic Pharmacy (CAP), AACP will offer member institutions new resources and ideas for different types of celebrations throughout the academic year. Through this effort, CAP will extend the spirit of the former APEW program, continuing to honor faculty and to help interest students in academic pharmacy careers.

Celebrate Academic Pharmacy will include three events:

  1. Fall—AACP will kick off CAP this fall with a focus on recruitment. AACP will send Student Affairs representatives materials to use in job fair recruitment efforts aimed at introducing students to academic pharmacy.
  2. Winter—During the winter, AACP will send Student Council leaders materials to use in planning events to honor their faculty—especially faculty advisors.
  3. Spring—Next spring, AACP will engage deans in a faculty-of-the-year initiative.

The Celebrate Academic Pharmacy materials—which will replace the former American Pharmacy Educator Week materials--will be a mix of print and digital. The materials will help member institutions acknowledge the dedication of faculty and fuel passion among students for following in the footsteps of outstanding pharmacy educators and researchers.


Fall materials

Download the Celebrate Academic Pharmacy brochure for print

Student video: Justin Bioc

Student video: Jackie Zeeman

Student video: J. Michael Brown

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