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New Investigator Award 

Sponsored by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), the New Investigator Award provides start-up funding for the independent research programs of early-career pharmacy faculty. This grant is intended to be the first extramural research funding received by a faculty member as a principal investigator (PI), with the goal that research funded by the NIA will provide a foundation for future scholarly endeavors and continued extramural funding success. Each grant of up to $10,000 maximum (no overhead allowed) will be awarded in February 2018. Intramural university or college/school start-up support may be used to supplement the proposed research.

An eligible applicant must have an earned terminal degree (Pharm.D., Ph.D., or equivalent) and have a regular full-time faculty appointment at the assistant professor level at a U.S. college or school of pharmacy that is accredited by ACPE (either candidate or full accreditation status). The applicant's institution must be a regular institutional member of AACP, and the applicant must also be a current individual member of AACP. The applicant’s initial appointment to a full-time faculty position, whether at a previous or the current institution, must not be earlier than July 1, 2012. A faculty member who has been a PI on an AACP NIA or equivalent starter grant, on a professional (e.g., ACCP, ASHP, AAPS, PhRMA, etc.), organizational (e.g., American Heart Association, American Cancer Association, American Brain Tumor Association, etc.) or federal grant (e.g., NIH, NSF, AHRQ, DOD, CDC, etc.) as a faculty member is not eligible to apply. Proposals from applicants who do not meet these eligibility criteria will not be reviewed.

Only one application per investigator will be accepted for review. Each applicant is required to identify a research mentor with whom to discuss and review the application before submission. Resubmission of previously unfunded NIA proposals is acceptable, and those applicants should include an additional page in their proposal in which to address previous reviewer comments.

Each recipient of the 2018 NIA will also receive a $1,000 travel award from AACP to present the investigator's research findings at the AACP Annual Meeting to be held July 13-17, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.


2018 New Investigator Award Important Deadlines

The application cycle for the 2018 New Investigator Award is now closed.



Application Information

2018 NIA Application Form
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