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Advocacy Committee 

With the pending reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, this is an excellent time to review how academic pharmacy is:

  1. Ensuring people have access to pharmacy education;
  2. Engaged in keeping it affordable; and
  3. Increasing both institutional, faculty and student accountability.

The 2014-15 Advocacy Committee will examine the topics of access, affordability, and accountability in pharmacy education and their alignment with these same issues across higher education.

Access: With attention to, but not limited to underrepresented minorities, describe best-practices at AACP member institutions that focus on individual access to both professional and graduate pharmacy programs.  Topics for consideration include: state and federal diversity programs (CoE, HCOP…),

Affordability: With attention to, but not limited to tuition and cost of attendance, describe best practices of how AACP member institutions ensure the value of a professional or graduate degree. This description should discuss the return on investment of a pharmacy degree. Topics for consideration include: innovation in higher education; competency-based education; facilitated learning; distance education; interprofessional education;

Accountability: With attention to, but not limited to accreditation, describe best practices of how AACP member institutions hold themselves, their faculty and their students accountable for the creation and execution of a high-quality educational experience. Topics for consideration include: student assessment; faculty and program evaluation; re accreditation-evaluating institutional quality; the value of the peer review aspect of both regional and specialty accreditation. 

William G. Lang IV (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison
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