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Bylaws and Policy Development Committee (BPDC) 

The committee is charged to ensure that resolutions, position papers, and similar proposals to the House of Delegates that seek to establish Association policy or action are made appropriate to and ready for consideration by the House. The committee shall act on all proposals submitted to it. Additionally, the committee is charged to systematically review the policies of the Association to determine their currency.

In addition to the traditional charge of preparing to conduct the business before the House, the AACP Bylaws to identify inconsistencies related to approved structure and governance changes as well as recommendations for updating the document to reflect best governance practices.

Raylene M. Rospond (Manchester University College of Pharmacy) Chair
Lawrence M. Brown (Chapman University) Member
Andrew S. Bzowyckyj (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Member
Schwanda K. Flowers (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences) Member
Susan M. Stein (Pacific University Oregon) Member
Charles T. Taylor (Northeast Ohio Medical University) Member
Evan T. Robinson (Western New England University) Speaker of the House
Lucinda L. Maine (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison

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