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Professional Affairs Committee 

According to the Bylaws of AACP, the Professional Affairs Committee is to study issues associated with the professional practice as they relate to pharmaceutical education, and to establish and improve working relationships with all other organizations in the field of health affairs. The Committee is also encouraged to address related agenda items relevant to its Bylaws charge and to identify issues for consideration by susequent committees, task forces, commissions, or other groups.

Our preceptors are one group of citizens that bears responsibility for a significant portion of the preparation of practice-ready graduates. Estimated to be approximately 10,000 pharmacists strong, most accept responsibility for precepting Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (and often Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences [IPPEs] as well) with little or no direct compensation. The 2015-16 Professional Affairs Committee will:

  1. Study the current relationship between the colleges/schools of pharmacy, our volunteer preceptors, and the organizations that employ them. The focus will be defining the needs of this population of practitioners for continuing professional development, recognition and support to assure that they are prepared to assume increasing responsibility for assuring that Doctor of Pharmacy graduates are both practice- and team-ready.
  2. Assess the unique demands of precepting in an interprofessional care environment.
Cathy L. Worrall (South Carolina College of Pharmacy) Chair
Ronald P. Jordan (Chapman University) Member
Steven J. Martin (Ohio Northern University) Member
Sharon K. Park (Notre Dame of Maryland University) Member
Brian M. Shepler (Purdue University) Member
Karen Whalen (University of Florida) Member
Lynette Bradley-Baker (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison
Daniel S. Aistrope (American College of Clinical Pharmacy) Liaison Member
Elizabeth A. Cardello (American Pharmacists Association) Liaison Member
Katrin S. Fulginiti (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) Liaison Member
Kyle J. McGrath (National Association of Chain Drug Stores) Liaison Member



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