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Geriatric Pharmacy SIG 


Elizabeth K. Pogge (Midwestern University - Glendale) Chair
Kelechi C. Unegbu-Ogbonna (Virginia Commonwealth University) Immediate Past Chair
Teresa M. DeLellis (Manchester University College of Pharmacy) Secretary



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04-252-2017 frailty in older people04-252-2017 frailty in older people.pdf
04-27-2017 CPD Section Webinar Final04-27-2017 CPD Section Webinar  Final.pdf
2014 Geriatric SIG Standing Rules of Procedure2014 Geriatric SIG Standing Rules of Procedure.pdf
4_26_17 PharmAcademy AACP Webinar Presentation_Final4_26_17 PharmAcademy AACP Webinar Presentation_Final.pdf
5-04-2017 ExEd Webinar_May 2017_combined5-04-2017 ExEd Webinar_May 2017_combined.pdf
Ger SIG Webinar Sue 3 11 15Ger SIG Webinar Sue 3 11 15.pdf
Geriatric Pharmacy SIG - Past ChairsGeriatric Pharmacy SIG - Past Chairs.pdf
Geriatric Pharmacy SIG Webinar Slides 2_24Geriatric Pharmacy SIG Webinar Slides 2_24.pdf
Geriatric SIG Webinar 4_8_15Geriatric SIG Webinar 4_8_15.pdf
Geriatric SIG Webinar-Jan_2016Geriatric SIG Webinar-Jan_2016.pptx

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 Past Webinars

Geriatric Pharmacy Webinar 1 - Beyond Flu Shots: Update on Immunizations for Older Adults
Watch the webinar here

Geriatric Pharmacy Webinar 2 - Geriatric Patient Care by US Pharmacists Part 1: Generating Evidence through Research Watch the webinar here

Geriatric Pharmacy Webinar 3 - Geriatric Patient Care by US Pharmacists Part 2: Team Based Practice in Acute Care/Geriatric Care Watch the webinar here 

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