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Laboratory Instructors SIG 


Erika L. Kleppinger (Auburn University) Chair
Rucha S. Bond (The University of New Mexico) Chair-elect
Michael W. Neville (The University of Georgia) Immediate Past Chair
Jeannine M. Conway (University of Minnesota) Secretary

Mission Statement

The mission of the Laboratory Instructors SIG is to improve laboratory course content by providing direction for laboratory courses in the professional pharmacy curricula.

Standing Rules of Procedure



July 16, 2012: Immediate Past Chair Jeff Reist congratulates Jeanne Frenzel for her role as Chair for 2011 – 2012 at the annual meeting in Kissimmee, FL

 Past Webinars

Laboratory Instructors Webinar 2 - Publishing your education scholarship:  Tips and tricks for maximizing the likelihood of success
Watch the webinar here

Laboratory Instructors Webinar 1 - Scholarship of Teaching: Developing Research Ideas from Classroom Teaching
Watch the webinar here

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