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Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning SIG 

The goal of the Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning SIG is to help institutions and the members of the Academy integrate educational technologies that positively impact student learning and the processes of teaching, learning and assessment. 


Keith J. Christensen (Creighton University) Immediate Past Chair
Elaine L. Demps (Texas A&M Health Science Center) Secretary

Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning SIG is to maintain a focus on learners, learning strategies and informatics while identifying, promoting, developing and facilitating the use of educational technology grounded in sound pedagogical practices for the purposes of teaching, learning and assessment throughout pharmacy education delivered onsite and to distance students.

Standing Rules of Procedure

 Past Webinars

TiPEL SIG Webinar 7 - Gaming in Pharmacy Education
Watch the webinar here

TiPEL SIG Webinar 6 - Simulation Based Learning
Watch the webinar here

TiPEL SIG Webinar 5 - Cloud Computing: Promises, Opportunities and Challenges
Watch the webinar here

TiPEL SIG Webinar 4 - Using Adobe Connect for webinars
Watch the webinar here

TiPEL SIG Webinar 2 - Collaborative Web 2.0 Technologies
Watch the webinar here

TiPEL SIG Webinar 1 - Social Media
Watch the webinar here

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