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Council of Faculties 

The Council of Faculties is composed of all individuals active, affiliate, student, and emeritus members not eligible for or not holding membership in the Council of Deans. Among the interests of this Council are interdisciplinary matters of curriculum, course content, education methods, faculty/administration relations, and national issues of general interest to pharmacy faculties.

Stuart T. Haines (The University of Mississippi) Chair
Daniel A. Brazeau (University of New England) Chair-elect
Anandi V. Law (Western University of Health Sciences) Immediate Past Chair
Ana L. Hincapie (University of Cincinnati) Secretary
Ruth E. Nemire (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison

Mission Statement

The primary missions of the Council of Faculties (COF) of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) is to represent and support the faculty at AACP member colleges and schools of pharmacy as the faculty carry out their missions of pharmaceutical education, research, and service. The COF identifies the special needs of pharmacy faculty and serves as an advocate for the faculty at the national level. Within the organizational structure of AACP, the COF provides a forum of conferences, seminars, and colloquia for the dissemination of information on curriculum, course content, educational methods, faculty/administration relations, research design, research support, and national issues for general interest to pharmacy school faculties.

Standing Rules of Procedure


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 Contact Information

Ruth E. Nemire, Pharm.D., Ed.D.,
Associate Executive Vice President
703-739-2330 ext. 1041
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