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Governance of AACP 

AACP recognizes a special responsibility to provide leadership in advancing and enhancing the quality of education and training in its member colleges and schools while respecting the diversity inherent among them.   

The Association is structured as a democratic organization with decision-making vested in a House of Delegates, a Board of Directors and the Office of the Executive Vice President. The House of Delegates meets annually and generally considers only issues of major policy. The Board of Directors consists of three presidential officers, three representatives of school administrations, three representatives of school faculties, one representative of academic disciplines and the executive vice president. The Board generally meets three times a year to authorize policy and program implementation, and to consider significant matters related to the operational and financial affairs of the Association. The executive vice president is selected and employed by the Board of Directors as the chief executive officer of the Association, with overall responsibility for the administration of the policies and programs adopted by the House of Delegates and the Board of Directors. The Association's staff is appointed by the executive vice president, who is responsible for all actions taken by staff members on the Association's behalf.

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