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Historical Documents 

1997 Report of the AACP Janus Commission- Approaching the Millennium.

Commission on the Future of Graduate Education in the Pharmaceutical Sciences - A comprehensive study of the factors used to monitor the supply and demand of pharmaceutical scientists to insure an adequate supply of graduates and the skills needed to maintain productivity in a rapidly changing scientific environment.

JCPP Vision Statement - The Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP) has developed a consensus position on the Future Vision of Pharmacy Practice which has subsequently been endorsed by each JCPP member organization’s board of directors, including AACP. This consensus articulates a future vision for pharmacy and how it will be practiced. Equally important, the document describes how pharmacy practice will benefit society.

Lemberger Commission Report- Graduate Education in the Pharmaceutical Sciences: The Quest for Quality was originally published in February 1989 by AACP.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Services definition and program criteria- Approved July 2004 by 11 supporting pharmacy organizations.

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