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I'm thrilled that you have joined the assessment learning community. I'm hoping that this community will be an indispensable forum for all of us to learn, solve problems and develop collegial relationships. Below, please find information in regards to our community. Please contact me if you have questions. Wendy C. Duncan-Hewitt, Ph.D., Assessment Leader


AACP wants us to post a mission statement for our learning community on the AACP website. I hope you will help me compose this mission - if we share in its development, it will mean more to all of us! Therefore, I'm hoping you'll respond to the list with some principles/ideas that you think should go into this mission.

Issues for Discussion

Those involved in assessment and evaluation are fully aware that there are many problems and issues to be addressed on a daily basis. In order to help each other, it might be useful to identify some critical issues that we all need to address. Once we've identified and prioritized these issues, we can decide how we want to address them.


A learning community needs common work. Creating a Wikipedia knowledge base to house a collaborative database of assessment and evaluation expertise might be one goal. But what else can we do together? Host a special session on Assessment and Evaluation at the next AACP meeting? Offer a faculty development course before the meeting? Contribute to the AACP Institute as a community? Please respond to the list with your goals for the coming year and the next five years.


Perhaps you already have an area of passion? Please share it with the community! Volunteer to be a team leader (steward, discussion chair) in this area.

What is a Community of Practice? - A brief excerpt from a paper Wendy Duncan-Hewitt wrote that describes a community of practice (i.e., a learning community)

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