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AACP Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience 

Applying for an AACP Experiential Program 

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) provides opportunities for student pharmacists to learn the operations of the national association involved in academic pharmacy.

The rotation schedule is designed to be 4-6 weeks in duration and is available September–April. No students will be accepted for the month of December. The rotation is intended to be an elective opportunity for a college or school of pharmacy's advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) curriculum-based experiential program. Requests to participate should be coordinated by the student through the experiential coordinator of the college or school of pharmacy.

AACP APPE Syllabus 

AACP APPE Student Manual

Transportation, housing and all other costs of living are the full responsibility, financially and otherwise, of the student pharmacist. There is no stipend or salary associated with the APPE.

Selection Criteria for the AACP APPE Program 

The student pharmacist:

  1. Must have a strong interest in national association management and academia;
  2. Must be a full-time student pharmacist in good academic standing;
  3. Must be a member of AACP; and
  4. Must complete the application procedure through coordination with their experiential program coordinator.   

The application submitted by the student should include:

  • A letter of intent detailing their specific area(s) of interests (i.e., student affairs, academic affairs, policy and advocacy, etc.) in national pharmacy association management and academia;
  • Confirmation Letter from the Experiential Coordinator, which should include the dates available for the rotation and an accompanying Affiliation Agreement between the college/school of pharmacy and AACP; and
  • A current resume or curriculum vitae of the student pharmacist.

*AACP anticipates having no more than one (1) APPE student pharmacist during a rotation session (there is a possibility of APPE student overlap due to varying college/school of pharmacy rotation scheduling). 

*The selection of all APPE students will be made by AACP staff members.

AACP does not accept APPE students from May 1-August 1 and the month of December.

AACP reserves the right to refuse, with sufficient notice, the request of any student to participate in the elective rotation in the event of significant organizational scheduling conflicts which would interfere with the quality of the student's experience. 

The complete package should be sent via email to: appe@aacp.org 

For rotations occurring in the fall 2015 and spring 2016 time frame, AACP will accept applications until Dec. 1, 2014. All applicants will be notified by Jan. 30, 2015 of their acceptance status.

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