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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy 

Financial Literacy Guide for Student Pharmacists

The AACP Financial Literacy Guide for Student Pharmacists includes module-based presentations on various topics, which you may choose to utilize at your convenience. Fact Sheets are also provided to give you printable resources.

Financial Literacy - The Basics

  •  Module 1: Introduction
  •  Module 2: Financial Planning 101
  •  Module 3: Banking and Account Management
  •  Module 4: Budgeting for Student Pharmacists
  •  Module 5: Debit vs. Credit Cards
  •  Module 6: Students and Cards
  •  Module 7: Reading Your Credit Report
  •  Module 8: Credit Reports vs. Credit Scores
  •  Module 9: Dealing with Credit Card Debt
  •  Module 10: Paycheck Deductions

    Financial Literacy - Fact Sheets

  •  Dealing with Debt
  •  Avoiding Fees
  •  Banking 101
  •  Budgeting
  •  Credit Reports & Credit Scores
  •  Glossory of Important Financial Terms

    Other Resources

    The DIY Student Debt Repayment Guide - An online guide from Total Mortgage that helps students evaluate and compare the best ways to save money and pay off debt after graduation. Financial Literacy Guide - A comprehensive, easy-to-read guide on financial literacy created by, a site dedicated to providing the most accurate information on annuities and structured settlements.

    IBR Info - An independent, nonprofit source of information, IBR helps student loan borrowers learn about two new federal loan programs: Income-Based Repayment (IBR) and Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This is a service of the Project on Student Debt. - A free financial management Web site.

    Student Aid on the Web at - The U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission provides financial education resources for all Americans. This page focuses on sudents and education financing.

    The Project on Student Debt - The Project on Student Debt works to increase public understanding of borrowing, which has become a primary way to pay for higher education.

    The Simple Dollar - A comprehensive guide to finding the best credit card and maximizing rewards.

    Dollars and Sense: A Global Look at Student Debt - Graduate unemployment and debt are not just American phenomena, and this article compares and contrasts the systems from other countries.

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