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Admissions Guidelines and Information 

2016 Monthly Pipeline Development Webinars

May 2016 - Due to the Memorial Day holiday, a webinar will not be held.

June 2016 - "Building Relationships and Creating Pathways to Pharmacy School"

This webinar will discuss how Sullivan University College of Pharmacy has worked with undergraduate institutions to create a pathways agreement that ensures students are prepared to apply to pharmacy school, as well as, discuss how this agreement is of benefit to both institutions. Additionally, there will be discussion on building relationships with other institutions and what SUCOP has been working on to create the pharmacy pipeline.

Presenter: Stacy L. Miller, PharmD, MBA, BCACP, Director of Student Affairs, Sullivan University College of Pharmacy

The webinar will be held June 27, 2016 at 4pm Eastern Time.

Webinar Site Address: 

Please enter the Webinar as a “Guest” with your first and last name. The Webinar room will open 10 minutes prior to the event.

We recommend listening to the audio portion of the webinar through your computer speakers. If you do not have speakers or are having audio difficulties, audio can be provided via conference call. Please contact AACP for the conference call information.

July 2016 - Join us at the AACP Admissions Workshop!

August 2016 -   "Expanding the Pie: Recruiting pre-health students to pharmacy"

Given the high demand for health professional programs, and the increasing capacity of mid-level health practitioner programs (Physician Asst, Doctor of Osteopathy, Nurse Practioner), pharmacy programs need to aggressively promote pharmacy careers to all pre-health students, not just those who are already interested in pharmacy. This session will review the steps taken at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. 

Peter Haeg, MA - Director of Student Services
Shannon Greely, BBA - Recruiting Coordinator
Sara Lofstrom, MA - Career & Admissions Counselor

September 2016 - Join us at the AACP Fall Institute on Admissions!

October 2016 - The April webinar, "Building a Diversity Pipeline: Lessons Being Learned Working with an Urban Public High School", will be presented by Michael Bouthillier, BS, PharmD from Ferris State University.

A presentation of the relationship being built with an urban high school to develop interest in Health Professional Education. Some successes and the multiple challenges faced in creating a sustained pipeline of underrepresented minorities considering pharmacy as a career will be discussed.

November 2016 - Information coming soon! 

December 2016 - Happy Holidays! A webinar will not be held this month.


January 2016 - Partnering with HOSA - presented by Catherine Jarvis, University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Nancy Allen, HOSA 

February 2016 University of Arizona College of Pharmacy PharmCamp - presented by Ted Tong, PharmD 

March 2016 A Bridge To Academic Excellence: Multidisciplinary elementary and secondary education student tutoring programs - presented by Margaret Hayes, MS, Director of Student Services and Outreach Cherokee Layson-Wolf, PharmD, Associate Dean, Student Affairs University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

April 2016 - The April webinar was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.



2016 AACP Admissions Workshop

Each year, AACP hosts an Admissions Workshop as a pre-session at the AACP Annual Meeting. Information about the 2016 Admissions Workshop can be accessed here.


Recruitment Materials

Pharmacy is Right for Me - contact AACP for materials.

Pharmacy Career Brochure - PDF version of "Pharmacy: Prescription for a Rewarding Career" brochure. Print the PDF for free or go to Shop AACP to purchase pre-printed copies. ($75/100)


Cooperative Admissions Guidelines Update Webinar 

In November 2015, the AACP Board of Directors reviewed the feedback on the proposed Cooperative Admissions Guidelines (CAG). The feedback from academic pharmacy was split in their opinion of the CAG. As such, AACP staff recommended that the AACP Board of Directors appoint a new task force with equal numbers of members who support and oppose the Cooperative Admissions Guidelines including 1-2 members of the Special Committee on Admissions who worked on the Cooperative Admissions Guidelines, 1-2 Board members, 1-2 CEO Deans and 1-2 admissions officers. The Board requested that the task force continue to work to gain member feedback before bringing any new CAG proposals back to the Board. 

The taskforce has worked to modify the CAG based on the feedback received and presented a webinar on the changes in a new draft CAG. Feedback will also be solicited via email for comment in writing from each program.

Pharmacy Admissions: Collaboration for Success Webinar 

Webinar Description: Members of the 2013-2015 AACP Special Committee on Admissions will share information about their work. The Committee has proposed Cooperative Admissions Guidelines  which will require approval by the AACP Board of Directors. 

Webinar Objectives:  

  • Describe the charges of the 2013-2015 Special Committee on Admissions
  • Discuss the proposed Cooperative Admissions Guidelines
  • Review benefits of the Guidelines to schools and colleges of pharmacy
  • Review benefits of the Guidelines to applicants
  • Share process for submitting feedback on the Guidelines

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